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Retrieving Uploaded Images in CodeIgniter

In our previous lessons, we successfully uploaded files into the project directory and inserted the uploaded file name with extension to the database.

How to get Uploaded File Name and Insert into the Database

In our previous lesson, we successfully uploaded files into the project directory. There we just uploaded files into the project image folder, but we do not keep any details of files on the database.

File Upload in CodeIgniter

In our previous lesson, we created a user registration with Name, Address, Email, etc. But that does not contain option to upload user image or any file to the database. Uploading image, or any files such as Photos, PDF, Docs, etc are common in almost forms.

Removing index.php from URL Using htaccess

How do we run a CodeIgniter project? It’s very easy. But there is text ‘index.php’ on your CodeIgniter running url.

What is Base URL? How to Config and Use

Whenever you want to add images, external css, JavaScript files into your project, you need to specify the location of the file. While developing a CodeIgniter project on your computer, all your project files are located on your computer had disc, that is local host. So you specifies your local computer file location for specifying a file path for the project. But while hosting your project at internet server, all such locations will not work. So you need to specify the internet server location.

User Login Validation with Email and Password

Here let us create a login form validation with user email address and password. In previous article, we created a registration form with user's details such as name, address, email id, password, etc. So this article is based on previous registration, that is, a user can login to his account with his email and password.

CodeIgniter User Registration

Creating a user registration form is a common task in almost applications. User registration form includes student’s registration, employee registration or any account registration.