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Posts tagged as “Flutter”

Flutter : Create Hyperlink URL for a Text

In Flutter, how to make a text as a clickable hyperlink or create direct URL that opens in your default browser or external application

How to Import Packages to Flutter Application

Importing packages or plugins are very important in flutter app development. That make easy the development, so save lot of line of codes and time

Flutter: How to Read Json File from Assets

In flutter, learn how to read a json file and fetch the data content from assets. If you are focusing an application with static contents, then storing contents on json file is a best solution.

Flutter : Read Text File from Assets

In this tutorial, we can learn how to read content of a text (txt) from assets in Flutter and display the content on the application.

Flutter : Fetch Data to List from JSON API

Here you can learn in Flutter how to Fetch Data to List from JSON API hosted on server using list view builder and a model class