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7 Fixes for Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated

Tip Abstraction:
        This article contains best seven methods to solve a common network related Error 734.

In this eon, internet facility is necessary in each home. Because people depend to internet facility for several purposes like reading newspapers, filing application forms, buying products form internet market etc.
But at any urgent time, if we connect to internet, then we may be become angry due any connecting error like Error 633.
If you are face the Error 734: The PPP link control protocol was terminated while registering your computer on the network. Like mention on the error, now you can’t register your computer on the network.

error 734 the ppp link control protocol was terminated

What are the causes of this error?

Microsoft says this error may cause due to one of these following conditions:

  • Multi-link negotiation is turned on for the single link connection.
  • The dial-up connection security configuration is incorrectly configured to use the secured password setting.

My opinion:

  •  I think, this problem is in between your modem and network. Because this error is common in portable mobile modem (net setter). So your computer cannot register on network.
  • Problem of network connection
  • Problem of your modem.

To solve the Error 734, you may try following solutions: 

Solution 1:

Just wait 1 minute and reconnect.

I think this is a simple and easy solution for solving Error 734. Within 1 minute, your computer can register on the network. This solution works well with me.

Solution 2:

Un-plug and re-plug your modem from computer

By ejecting your modem, now your computer is a modem less computer. But while reconnecting your modem, computer takes modem as a new modem and modem works from its initial stage by registering on network. So computer gets register on the network.
This solution also works well with me.

Solution 3:

Remove and add modem on control panel’s phone and modem setting.

I already wrote this solution for solving Error 633, So this article explain all steps for removing and adding your modem by computer setting. This solution will solve the problem if the error is due to modem driver bugs.

Solution 4:

You might face the problem due to your computer physical or OS problem. So just restart your computer and retry.

Solution 5:

If it is due to problem of your modem, then confirm your modem can access network by opening modem software.

Solution 6:

First dial up process will create a new dialup connection on network setting. So instead of dialing that connection setting again, open your installed modem software and connect using their ‘connect’ button. Also you may try by creating new internet setting.

Solution 7:

You might get this error due to network problem.. Make sure your modem gets enough network coverage. If you are using 3G connection, then select 2G, and try to connect. If you can connect, then disconnect and reconnect with 3G. If the problem is due to network issue, then contact customer care of your network provider.

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