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How to Get Command Prompt in Full Screen in Windows 7, 8 and Vista

In Window Vista, 7 and 8 contains small sized Dos prompt(cmd). It is little difficult to do with small screen. All are like large screen size for their Dos Prompt activities. Normal shortcut to get big sized screen (Alt + Enter) is not workable in new Windows versions. Anyone can open Command Prompt by typing cmd or command in your Run command window (Window + R).

This is not a method for getting full screen. By this method, you will get a large DOS Prompt with large font. Nothing other than it.

Go to ‘C:\Windows\System32’ location, and find cmd or cmd.exe. That is your Dos Prompt or Command prompt. Or search for cmd in start menu search. After getting your cmd, copy it and paste to another location (like desktop).

  •  Now right click on new cmd or cmd.exe.
  • From given context menu, take ‘Properties’.In properties window, go to ‘Compatibility’ tab. 
  • Now, just tick (check) on ‘Run in 640 x 480 screen resolution’ check box. Then click OK.
  •  Reopen your new cmd, and then you will get a large Dos Prompt.

Video Tutorial

First method is better than second method, so you may give more preference to first method.

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