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How to Set Empty or Blank WhatsApp Name or About

Tip Abstraction:
        This is a funny tip, which shows to make your WhatsApp status Blank or Empty. 

I noticed the word ‘status’ on Skype where they used to indicate our availability. Later Facebook used the word for typing new sentences on our mind. After the popularity of WhatsApp, it became a technical word which contains some quotes. Actually WhatsApp default status was for indicating our current availability or work. But it allows editing the status with 139 characters and status shows always with contact information. So nowadays, people uses WhatsApp status like twitter tweets, which has limited character to express things that is in our mind.

In WhatsApp peoples set variety of status, as a crazy, let us set an empty or blank status. Just for fun. Nothing more than it.

There are two ways to set blank status:

1. Make your Status Invisible:

WhatsApp allows users to changing the visibility of status, profile picture and last seen. You can change the visibility to everyone, your contacts, and nobody. If you select everyone, then all can see your status. If you select ‘my contacts’ then people whose number saved on your phone book can read your status. If you select ‘nobody’, then none can’t see your status. If they check your status, then that will be empty or blank
WhatsApp => Setting => Account => Privacy => Status => Nobody

How to Disable whatsApp Status

2. Using empty character:

The first method is enough to set blank or empty status without any effort. But it is just hiding status. if it is compulsory to show an empty status, then you can try this method.

Here we type an empty character. We don’t know that how to type empty character in mobile. Which seems like a space but actually not a space. WhatsApp does not support only space as a status. If you type space only, then WhatsApp will say like this ‘status can’t be empty’. But if you choose this empty character, then no problem will not be detected and your status should be seem empty.

As we mentioned above, we can’t type this character on mobile phone. So we should use our computer to type this character. Open a text editor like Microsoft Word, then press ‘Alt’ key and type 255 without leaving alt key. Then that should be an empty character like space, but not space. Save it. Copy this file into your phone and open it. Just long press on character and copy to your clipboard. Then paste on WhatsApp status area. Save it.

How to set empty blank  WhatsApp Status

You can copy that empty character from here ‘      ‘  (in between and excluding quotes)

Note that:

  •  Normal notepad text editor does not work.
  • You can open the Word doc file with tools like quickoffice, Kingsoft office etc
  • Learn more WhatsApp tips here

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