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How to Find Whether WhatsApp contact that Blocked You or Not

             Tip Abstraction:  As the title, this article contains a great tip to Check Whether a Contact was Blocked You or Not in Whatsapp

Nowadays WhatsApp is the most using mobile number based messenger among the world. Using a low bandwidth internet connection, you can chat with anyone who has on WhatsApp.

There should be a demerit for any technologies. Misusing is the main demerit or problem of any technology. Here WhatsApp is also misused by harassing others. So WhatsApp allows users to block anyone. If you block someone on WhatsApp, then he/she can’t chat with you. Like this if someone blocked you, then you can’t chat/call with him.

If someone blocked you, how can you understand that you were blocked?

Understand Whether You Blocked or Not on Whatsapp

Here are some tips to check whether a number blocked you or not in WhatsApp

Primary Methods:

  • Profile Picture:

If someone blocked you, then you can’t see profile picture.

Problem of this method: Anyone can hide their profile image from others. So you can’t make sure that he or she has blocked you by looking profile picture only.

  • Status:

You can’t see status of contact who blocked you.

Problem of this method: Like hiding profile picture, every once can hide their status from others. This is also not a proper way, but this have 50% of success.

  • Last seen and online texts:

If a person is available on WhatsApp, then we can see he as ‘online’, if he is not online then we can see his last presence time as ‘last seen’.

Problem of this method: We can hide these texts from others.

  • Receipts or Ticks:

If you send a message to someone, you can see a one tick. If the message was delivered, then you can see two ticks. If it read, then tick colour changed to blue.

Problem of this method: If he/she has no internet connection, then you can’t see such ticks.

Secondary Methods:

If above two methods are positive, that means you can’t see profile picture or status.  This is also a another method.

  • Make a WhatsApp call:

You can make WhatsApp call who has this facility, and you can’t make WhatsApp call with a person who blocked you.

You might get any error messages like this:

Unable to receive WhatsApp calls at this time

Unable to receive WhatsApp calls at this time

Problem of this method: You also can’t make WhatsApp call during this condition:

           –  Sometimes you may call with blocked person.

           –  He or she has not a WhatsApp call facility mobile phone.

           –  His or her phone is not updated to get WhatsApp call.

Ultimate Method:

This is the confirmation method if the above 3 methods are positive. And also you can do this method without trying above methods.

  • Make new WhatsApp group with blocked person:

Just create a new group and add blocked person to your new group. You never can’t create a group with a person who blocked you. You will get a message like this:

 “Not authorized to add this contact

Whatsapp you not authorized to add this contact

This method is 100% working to check whether a person blocked you or not.

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