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Debug or Run Android Studio App over WiFi ADB without USB

This tutorial explains how to install or enable adb WiFi on android studio. So you can directly debug your android or Flutter iOS, Desktop, Web Application over wife connected mobile phone without a USB cable connection.
There are many Android Studio plugins like Android WiFi ADB, Wifi ADB ultimate, ADB WiFi, etc. But sometimes those plugins will not work correctly due to your Android studio configuration, device issues or unknown errors.
Here you can choose this alternative and simple way to connect your device over wifi.

Step 1: Connect your phone Hotspot with your computer

This step is the basic way to establish connection between your computer and the connecting mobile device. So just switch on your phone hotspot and connect hotspot WiFi on your computer.

Step 2: Get the SDK ‘platform-tools’ Path

  • Open command prompt. (shortcut: Press ‘Windows Key’+ ‘R’ on keyboard, type ‘cmd’ on Run).
  • Change directory to your android platform-tools folder.
    This step is important. Sometimes you cannot find this folder on your installed Android studio sdk.
  • Open your C:\Program Files\Android\Sdk\platform-tools.
    If you can find such a directory, then copy the path.
    If you can’t find the path for sdk, then you need to find the correct path first. Sometimes it will be on
  • You need to show hidden folder to show ‘AppData’ folder.

Step 3: Change the Directory

  • After getting the path for platform-tools folder, run this command:
  • cd <path_to_platform_tools_folder>
    eg: cd C:\Users\<your_computer_user_name>\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\platform-tools
    see the screenshot:
Where INFOLET is my computer username

Step 4: Run PORT command

  • Type adb tcpip 5555 and press Enter key. Where 5555 is the port.
    If you face any error, run this comment first:
    adb shell setprop service.adb.tcp.port 5555 and press enter. Repeat step 4.

Step 5: Establish one time USB connection

You must connect your phone/device to the computer via USB cable. Ensure the device is successfully connected as a debugging device on Android Studio. The device name should be listed like this:

Step 6: The final Connecting command

  • Run the command: adb connect
    Where is your phone ip address and 5555 is the port number. The ip address may change depends your phone.
    If you any get error, then you need to find the correct ip address first. Just type ipconfig on your command prompt.
    At the end you can find the default gateway ip address, which is you need to type.

After successful commands, you can see the device is connected as a Wireless adb device:

Android studio should list the wifi connected device. If you connected via both USB,WiFi, then both connection will be listed.

You don’t need connect phone via USB on next time. But you need to run last two commands on every time for WiFi connection.

To avoid all these steps, just copy paste and single line of code on a notepad file.

  • adb connect
    (Check the changes according to your path and device)
    Use the codes whenever you want to connect over WiFi.

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