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Change Processor Name by Registry Editing

You can change the name of processor of your computer. But just for fun. 

How do you get the name of your processor?

  • Just Right click on your ‘My computer’, ‘Computer’ or ‘This PC’ icon and click on ‘Properties’.Now you will get your Computer properties window. You can see name of your processor in this window.
    In my computer properties, you can see “Pentium(R) Dual-Core CPU E5400 @ 2.70GHz” , yeah, latest and fastest process. Now I would like to change it to “Intel Core i7 @ 3.9GHz”.

But performance of computer will not change. 

How to Change Processor Name
  • Take Run (Win key + R) => then type ‘regedit’ =>click on OK button. [regedit means ‘registry editing’].
How to Change Processor Name
  • Now you will get your registry editor. [Be care in registry editing, before editing, it is good to backup your registry. To backup your registry, click on ‘File’ menu, from given list, click on ‘Export’. Then save in your hard disc location as you wish].
How to Change Processor Name
  • Now Press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘F’  for search window. Then type: ‘ProcessorName’ without space. Then search. 
How to Change Processor Name
  • Now you will get search result. You can see a raw with name ‘ProcessorName’ or ‘ProcessorNameString’ with value of your processor name. Double click on it. 
How to Change Processor Name
  • Instead of your processor name, type any name you want to change. Here I changed into “Intel  Core i7-3770 Processor (3.90GHz)”. Then ‘OK’
How to Change Processor Name
  • Now if you check your computer properties again, your processor name must be changed.
How to Change Processor Name

IF you can’t get your processor name by searching, then try this method:

  1.  Go to Start => Run (Window key + R)
  2. Type ‘regedit.
  4. Select 0 or a number. Now you can see a list. Now look for your processor name.
  5. Double click on ProcessorNameString and change Processor Name You wish…………..

 Now you can see  new processor name in computer properties

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