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Solved: Flutter Hot Reload or Restart Disabled and Not Working

Nowadays Flutter is getting more popular due to its simplicity and performance. Flutter uses Google’s Dart which is more different from Java and similar to JQuery in structurally.

Advantages of Flutter

  • Platform independent. Yes, you can build both android an iPhone application from a single code base.
  • Better performance
  • Simplicity
  • Hot Reload

Hot Reload

You don’t need to run your application each time for testing. The application is live while you creating it. This is the one of the best peculiarity of the flutter. If you edit something on your code, then you can see the change on your phone or virtual machines like AVD, Genymotion, etc without rebuild or rerun.

As a Flutter beginner, you may face many problem related on it. Problem with Hot Reload is one of them. Sometimes the Hot Reload may be disabled, deselected, inactive, not clickable or not proper workable.

Flutter hot reload not working disable


Solution is always depends the problem. Many reasons may cause the issue.

Method #1: Re-install Flutter Plugin

  • This is the best solutions for your problem. First of all, uninstall the flutter.
  • File -> Settings -> Plugins (on MacOs: Preference -> Plugins)
  • Select Flutter. Uninstall (You might restart the IDE)
  • Now re-install the flutter.
  • File -> Settings -> Plugins (on MacOs: Preference -> Plugins)
  • Select ‘Browse repositories’.
  • Now search for ‘Flutter’. Select ‘Flutter’.
  • Install.
Installing flutter on android studio
  • Restart the android studio (IDE).

Now the ‘Hot Reload’ button will be enabled.

Flutter hot reload worked fine

Save All option is also used instead of Hot Reload button. (Ctrl + S or File Save All)

Method #2: The android project should be on running stage on android studio or your IDE

Method #3: Make sure your application is open and not closed by you after running.

The application should be active, phone is not locked and light is on. Hot Reload will not work if you close the application.

Method #4: Make sure the phone or virtual device is connected and listed as the running device.

Method #5: Make sure your Internet connection is active

Method #6: Restart Computer

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