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How to Enable Hibernate in Windows 10 and 7

Hibernation is a process like ‘Shutdown’, If you hibernate your computer, your computer will saves your session and turns off the computer. When you turn on your computer, then Windows will restores your session. If you hibernate with some open applications like web browsing, playing song, playing games etc, then when you turn on your computer, all your applications are still there without any changes…! That is the peculiarity of hibernate option. Actually at the time of Hibernation, Windows will copy the Data on RAM to Hard Disc, at the time of reopen of your computer, Windows will return that Data into RAM.

Normally in both Windows 7 and 10 Hibernate option is Off, that is you cannot find Hibernate option in your power button list.

Enable Hibernate in Windows 10

Windows 10

In Windows 10, it more difficult to enable hibernation compare to Windows 7.

First just right click on the start button.

From given menu, choose ‘Power Options’.

Enable Hibernate in Windows 10

On new opened window, choose ‘Additional power settings’ from the right panel.

Enable Hibernate in Windows 10

From given power options setting, choose one of the option ‘Choose what the power button do’ or ‘Choose what closing the lid does’.

Enable Hibernate in Windows 10

Both option will option same window. Here you need to change setting by going through the option ‘Change the settings that are currently unavailable’. You might need administration privilege to do this.

Enable Hibernate in Windows 10

Now you reached the final windows. Just ‘Hibernate’ and Save Changes.

Enable Hibernate in Windows 10

Done. Now check your power button menu.

Windows 7

So you have to enable  hibernate option to show on power button list. Just obey following steps:

  • Just Open your ‘Control Panel‘. (Start -> Control Panel)
Enable Hibernate in Windows 7
  • Open Power Options.
Windows Hibernate

 If your Control Panel view mode is in ‘Category’ view, then change to ‘Large Icons’ or ‘Small icons’ views to show ‘Power Options’.

Hibernate Windows
  • In Power Option, you can see two power plans, “Balanced” and “Power Saver”. You computer must be in any plan. But if you get ‘Hibernate’ option in both plan, you need to enable hibernate in both plans. But steps to enable hibernate in both plans are same. So now i am saying how to enable in ‘Balanced‘ plan.(See my computer plan as ‘Balanced‘ plan).
  • Click on “Change plan settings“.If you are in ‘Power Saver’ plan, click on corresponding ‘Change plan settings’.
Hibernate Windows
  • From new window, Open “Change advance power settings“.
Windows Hibernate
  • From new window, Click on “Sleep” directory. Then click on “Allow hybrid sleep“. Now you can see  its setting as ‘On‘.
Windows Hibernate
  • Change that setting to “Off“.
  • Then click “OK”.
Hibernate Windows
  • Now you can see an additional option in Power button list named as “Hibernate“.
Windows Hibernate

 By clicking on ‘Hibernate’, your system will down to hibernate with in seconds.. Enjoy..

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