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Edge: Change Address Bar Search Engine to Google from Bing

Tip Abstraction : Learn how to change address bar default search engine from Bing to Google on Microsoft Edge.

On September 2020, Microsoft decided to stop Microsoft Internet Explorer forever and they improved Edge Browser with Chromium project that Google and Opera already used on their browser.

Chromium is an open source project widely used for free browser creations; which is simple, secure and faster.

On new Microsoft Edge, default search engine on browser tab’s address bar is Bing. But majority internet users use Google as their primary search engine.

Here let’s see on YOC, how to change search engine from Bing to Google.

Take the setting by clicking on right three dots on your Edge Browser. Choose ‘Settings

Microsoft Edge Settings

On Setting Tab, go to Privacy and services tab.

Scroll down. At bottom open the setting ‘Address bar’ link.

Edge Privacy and services, Address bar

There is an option for our need.

On ‘Search engine used in the address bar’ Select ‘Google’.

Edge Search engine used in the address bar

If you want further options, then go to ‘Manage search engines’ on same window.

Edge Manage search engines

There you can manage many search engine, such as add new, delete, edit and make default.

Edge Change Tab search engine into Google

You can delete all search engine if you don’t want. Also can make default your favorite search engine like Bing, Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, Baidu, etc.

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