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DataTable Grid on Button Click with Ajax, MySQL and JQuery

This article shows you how to display a grid item selector with datatable, ajax and jQuery plugin when you click on a button.

Referring DataTable and JQuery Plugins

First of all, you need to refer JQuery js and datatable js and css.

You may use following CDN (check first before using):

<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href=""/>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Add Button to Show datatable Grid

<button  id="select_item_button">Select an Item... </button>

Adding Click Event

       $("#dialog-item-list").dialog('option', 'title', "Select an Item");
       dialog1.dialog( "open" );

Make sure the ids (select_item_button) equal. Above code try to open a dialog name dialog1. So we need to create it inside jquery function. Note there is another id reference ‘dialog-item-list‘ which is the id of ‘div’ which contains the datatable grid, also title of the dialog define here.

Create JQuery Dialog

$(function() {
  dialog1 = $("#dialog-items-list").dialog({
      autoOpen: false,     
      width: 500,
      modal: true,
      buttons: {        
        Cancel: function() {
            dialog1.dialog( "close" );

Create Table for DataTable Grid

<div id="dialog-items-list"> 
<table id="item_table">
        <tr style="height:35px;">  
            <th class="table_no" >#</th>                      
            <th class="distributor_column" style="table-layout:fixed; width:150px; overflow:hidden; word-wrap:break-word;">Distributor</th>
            <th class="action_column" style="table-layout:fixed; overflow:hidden; word-wrap:break-word; ">Actions</th>            
    <tbody class="items">

Make sure the id ‘dialog-items-list‘ is same as we defined early on two scripts.

Create Page to get Data from MySql

Here create a page named ‘get_items.php’.

$sql = "SELECT ID,Company FROM `items` ";
$queryItems = mysqli_query($conn, $sql)); // You need to specify database connection. 
	while( $row = mysqli_fetch_row($queryItems) ) { 
		$data[] = $row;
	$json_data = array(			
			"data" => $data   // return data array. The name should 'data'.
	echo json_encode($json_data)

The data array should stored on the variable ‘data’. Else you need to specify it’s name on ajax call with dataSrc property.

Call the Function Using Ajax

$('#item_table').DataTable( {
        select: true,
        processing: true,       
        ajax: {
            url: "get_items.php",   
            data: {
                "item_id": 10
            dataSrc : "data",              
       'columns': [
		         	{ data: 'ID' },
		         	{ data: 'Company' },
    } );

Where ‘ID’ and ‘Company’ are the column names from the database table.

Make sure the ‘item_table‘ is same as the table on datatable. Where url specify the page name which return value from database.


data: {
“item_id”: 10
dataSrc : “data”,

which is optional.

Data‘ is used to pass additional parameter to the connection page and dataSrc is the return variable name if its name is NOT ‘data‘.

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