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Creating WhatsApp Chat Shortcuts on Phone Home Screen Menu

Tip Abstraction:
        This article shows how to create direct shortcuts on your mobile home screen into WhatsApp group or private chat

        Due to the publicity of WhatsApp, there are many help tips regarding to WhatsApp. If you are active at WhatsApp then you may include many WhatsApp groups. When I checked, I wondered, I am a member of 50+ groups. Some of them groups are important and also some of them are waste.
If you want to open a group or private chat, then normally we open WhatsApp and go to the group. If you are at more groups, it is not easy to find and open a chat. But there is a trick which allows creating a direct shortcut into our favorites group or private chat from our phone home page. So we can access those chats from our phone main screen without opening WhatsApp’s home screen.

Main peculiarities of this shortcut:

  • Direct access to a particular chat
  • Can avoid opening WhatsApp and searching for a chat 
  • Similar groups confuse to find the real group. So this short enables direct access
  • Shortcut contains group icon (group profile picture)

Let us see how to create the shortcut:
           Actually this is not a trick, and that is a legal option on WhatsApp but most are not aware about this.
Just open a group or a private chat that you want to create shortcut on home screen. Then tap on group setting/option button. Now you will get a small list of options. Come to ‘More’ settings. There you can see an option named ‘Add shortcut’. Just tap on it. Done, now your home screen contains a new shortcut of that chat/group.

Creating shortcuts for whatsapp chat on home screen

Now your shortcut is ready on home screen. If you want to remove this shortcut, then just long press on shortcut and drag into ‘Remove’ button.

Some of problems I noticed related this shortcut:

  1. Shortcut does not contains new notification numbers
  2. Shortcut does not update group icon when group icon is updated.
  3. It is not applicable to create many shortcuts on home screen.
  4. Works on Android and not sure on iPhone

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