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Resolv Error: The Flutter device daemon cannot be started

This is a one of the common error on Flutter with android studio or Visual studio code.

Possible solutions: .

Method 1

Delete Flutter ‘scr’ directory and download and upload Flutter sdk again. Location may be C:\src\Flutter

Method 2

Delete/Invalidate caches.

File => Settings => Invalidate Caches

Method 3

Delete journal-1.lock file and Rerun android studio


Method 4

Remove current sdk folder and reinstall

C:\Users\APK\AppData\Local\Android\Sdk\build-tools – remove everything.

Open Setting:

On Setting -> Appearance & Behavior => Android SDK – > SDK Tools tab => Remove check ‘Android ADK Build Tools’ and ‘Android SDK’ => Apply => Recheck again these two items and Apply again.

Restart Android Studio

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