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How to Resend or Cancel a Facebook Friend Sent Request

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        All your Facebook friend request may not be accepted, this post shows how to get sent facebook friend requests those are not accepted and resend the request again.
I have already wrote some articles about the mobile number based messengers like WhatsApp, but WhatsApp is not popular in all countries but the social media site Facebook is more popular than all other social media apps. Facebook helps you connect  friends and share stuffs with the peoples in your life. In this new generation world, we don’t know that, who our neighbors are, what are the name of neighbors, even who is the neared neighbor of us. Here is the feasibility of Facebook, which find the people nearest of you, also find people in your local place, help to find friends of your friends etc.

We can send friend request to anyone, if he/she accept our request, then we will be a friend on Facebook. Even if he is not our friend, we can send messages. But we have to be friend to receive his stuff on our timeline.

If you send a friend request to someone, then he will receive our request in his next Facebook login. But that time he may be busy or he may not notice your request or he may accidentally delete your request or he may not like to be friends with you, then you can’t be friend with him on Facebook. But if we send again him a friend request with him, then he may notice your request or his mentality to you may be changed, so he may accept your friend request.

Here let us see how to resent a friend request:

There is no direct way to send a friend request again. If you visit home page or timeline of a person that you want to send friend request again, then you can see a notice of your already sent friend request.

To send again a request, you must cancel the current friend request by holding mouse on ‘Friend request sent’ button. Where you can see ‘Cancel request’ option to cancel your friend request.

Resend a Facebook Friend Request

After cancelling the current request, then again send a request. We except that, your new request will be accepted.

You may not remember the person who got you friend request and not accepted. Here you can see all your pending friend request.

From the left top, choose the link ‘View sent requests‘.

Get and view sent Facebook friend requests

Now you will get all the sent friend requests.

Find and resend friend requests on Facebook

So you can cancel and resend the requests.

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