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Learn C : Step by Step Easy Method

Learn C : Step by Step Easy Method

Learn C step by step easy method

Hi, friend…
Are you a newbie to the world of Programming? In the world of programming, I think the Language C is the base of any programming language. But you don’t think the C language is a local language, C is a high level language, and even Microsoft used C for development of Microsoft XP and other OS.

So now you are going to the world of programming, in this tutorial reaches you to the basic step of C language. If you got basic skill in C language, then you can try advanced steps.

What are the benefits of learning the programming?

  • Programming skill will improve your brilliance
  • If you are an expert in any programming language or in any framework platform like C , C++, C#, Java, then many great companies like Microsoft, Google are waiting for your skill as a software engineer.
  • The job Software Engineer is one of the valuable and respectable jobs among this cultural society.
  • Software engineers are one of the most earners from their professional job.
  • You can create your own software for your personal use and commercial use. You can sell your software as locally or as globally on internet for huge cash. Many software engineers were shined among the word due to their personal software.
  • Most of electronic and appliance are working under any software technology, by getting a programmer or a software engineer you will be a partner of this electronic word.

There are so many tutorials which help to learn C. But what is the different between these tutorials  from other tutorials:

  • Helpful to anyone, who has no idea about any programming language
  • No history of C or any programming language, you just know Dennis Ritchie, a computer scientist who created the C programming language.
  • Not advanced, this is too simple to get basic programming skill with C
  • All lessons are with help of examples
  • All examples are very easy, not complicated.
  • No complicated words or phrases.

This tutorial contains many lessons with ascending order, and this page the pre-lesson to coming lessons.

Step before staring the lesson:

First of all you need any C compiler to do program with C. Most using C compiler is Turbo C (TC), but its interface is not good and its size is not compatible with new operating systems such that Windows Vista, 7 and 8. Next most using C compiler is Borland C. Even though Turbo C is the most using and default compiler among the world, but we recommend Borland C for Programming.


  • Simple steps of installation and implementation
  • Borland C has a nice interface
  • Mouse right click works well than Turbo C
  • Compatible with all operating systems (also in modern operation systems like Windows 7, Windows 8). Turbo C does not support full screen in Windows Vista, 7 and 8.
  • You can avoid some lines of codes in Borland C.

Even these are the glories of Borland C, we like to do program with Turbo C (TC), because if we ignore some codes with Borland C, then it may affect the Turbo C programmers (More are using Turbo C for C programming).

You can download both Turbo C and Borland C from here:

How to Download and Install Turbo C:
  • Download Turbo C from this direct link. Download Turbo C
  • It is a zip file, you may extract to any location.
  • Click on ‘INSTALL.EXE‘ from zip file or extracted location.
How to install turbo c on windows
  • Now a new installation window will open, press Enter to Continue.

Now Intaller will ask you to Enter the SOURCE drive to use. Press C key from keyboard to install on C drive

Enter the source drive to use
  • Press Enter key after showing the source path. (No need to fill source path here, it will fill automatically)
Enter the source path
  • Move down selection to ‘Start Installationusing down arrow key (↓). Press Enter to start installation.
Turbo C: start installation
  • Done
  • Go to C:TCBINTC.EXE to open your installed Turbo C (if you installed Turbo C on C drive).
In linux, Terminal contains a C compiler, so you use any text editor to write C codes, Geany is an application  which support edition and compiling and running in a simple windows.
  • Download Geany from here

After getting any one of compilers, let’s start the first lesson

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